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Self care and self love can be hard to incorporate into daily life. When things are so fast paced and there is a constant giving that leaves us with an empty cup. The Goddess Circle workshop is dedicated to holding safe space for the divine feminine and allowing time to truly relax and cater to your emotional and mental needs. 

Femininity is not about gender but the ability to allow and to receive. To slow down and fully embrace all that you are, and all of the beauty within the magnificent vessel that you occupy.

Ashley and I have come together to create this beautiful workshop out of our love of connection, spirituality, healing, and self love. To connect deeply with the woman around us and in our growing community. To hold space for all of you while you experience deep cellular healing with all the modalities of energy work we have incorporated into this workshop. We invite and encourage you to let these energies guide you and allow any and all emotions to rise to the surface and be seen no matter how they come out. This isn’t a space where you ever have to hide. We see you and we love you.

We simply encourage anyone of any belief system who wishes to experience what it feels like to allow yourself to take up space and be absolutely unapologetic in what that looks like. To take that energy and healing cultivated in the group into your life everyday. You deserve to take up space!

We will be incorporating a yoga flow from a 3BY instructor, Ashley or myself to get us started, followed by a journaling prompt, guided meditation, reiki, and a sound bath by Ashley of Blush Skin and Soul Spa and Jules of Bloom Etc. Every class will be slightly different in theme but the healing modalities listed above can always be expected.

We’ve also incorporated healing goody bags that have everything you would need to begin to continue your practice at home or help you begin in your home practice.

Reminding you again to allow yourself yo show up exactly as you are as we hold loving and compassionate space for all who join us. Through different modalities of energy work and community connection, it's in our greatest hopes that you leave the workshop feeling lighter, more connected, and more at peace than when you came in. 

We are so excited and we truly from the bottom of out hearts look forward to connecting with you!

infinite amounts of Love,

Jules & Ashley

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