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Sacred Circle for the Divine Feminine -3.png

For this event you will need to bring:

-yoga mat & pillow

-a blanket if you wish (this is a nice thing to add especially for the sound bath portion of the workshop)

-water if you wish 

The divine feminine resides in all of us. This beautiful and flowing, connected being that sometimes we ourselves neglect nurturing. They physical world can make it so hard for us to slow down and allow for the self care that is so important to the relationship we have with ourselves.

When the outside world can be so noisy that we accidentally believe the roles that society tries to give us. This Sacred Circle is a place to come exactly as you are as I hold deep and loving space for you during our time together as a group.

I encourage you to come and take up space unapologetically in this group as we all allow and experience our needs and emotions in their entirety.

With different modalities of healing such as yoga, breath work, meditation, journaling, and sound healing we will be experiencing self care and creating a ritual out of connecting deeper with ourselves and the parts of us that need understanding and tending to. Sometimes exploring the shadow parts of ourselves and allowing the full spectrum of our emotions to be experienced without fear, guilt, or shame.

It’s my greatest passion to assist others on their journey of self discovery and spiritual healing and its an honor to connect with all those who will join me in this space.

let’s hold space for each other and cultivate more and more love for ourselves and all of the divine women in our lives and around us. I do not need to know you to know that you are my sister, and that you are my friend. There is no lack in sharing love.

When we lift each other up and remind each other that we are worthy, and that we are the very essence of love our inner world starts to change and therefore the world around us changes.

This workshop is held at the beautiful Flawless Makeup and Beauty Lounge and Included in the workshop is a ritual kit with everything you need to create a self care ritual at home. Come and see what it includes! 

I look forward to connecting with you all.

Sending infinite amounts of love,


Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Self Care Enthusiast

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