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Black Sky
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Private Group Sound Bath

Everything is energy. The was we perceive things is energy, each interaction we have is energy, every emotion we have, energy. This energy is translated in vibration. When you feel good you know it, when you feel bad you know it. Some vibrations are high and make us feel pleasant feelings and sensations, while the opposite can cause unpleasant feelings and sensations.

Sound Therapy is a vibrational energy healing modality that is capable of causing deep cellular healing, and homeostasis in the body, mind, and soul. The crystal bowls I operate with are tuned to 432hz. 432hz is said to be the earths heartbeat, and the frequency of life. It promotes inner peace, pleasant emotions, relaxation, and brings harmony to the mind & body. The vibrations allow for stagnant energy to find flow and promote balance in the body once again. This energy healing is truly for anyone and everyone.


A private session would be for in home, in office, or any type of curated private group setting. Session times and pricing varies depending on group size and travel distance. To inquire or book this service please click the contact button below.

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