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business owner, reiki master, master esthetician, holistic beauty, spiritual workshops, woman owned business


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About Me

Bloom was created out of Jules' passion for the relationships we have with ourselves, the world around us, inner & outer beauty, and energy work.   From Jules' own journey of self discovery and the nurturing of her relationship with herself came the idea of extending that help beyond herself. Jules' love for beauty led her to become an esthetician and then becoming an esthetics instructor. That passion of connecting with others and teaching fueled the fire of wanting to go deeper. Soon after she completed her yoga teacher certification, which led to becoming a Reiki Master, sound healer, soon to be life coach, and herbalist. Jules stands firm in believing if we want to show up fully in our lives, and in the relationships we have with others, we must first start to heal the relationship we have with ourselves. This means cultivating the proper tools to be able to do that, as well as incorporating health, beauty, and spirituality with clean, non toxic, organic home and beauty products. Bloom offers a variety of healing modalities to gently guide others and assist them in their journey to healing. Imagine that much like the lotus which has to travel through mud, muck, and murky waters to rise and bloom atop the water still radiating with beauty despite its difficult journey. It was carefully chosen because of its symbolism as the logo and symbol of exactly what Bloom is and stands for. We must sometimes travel through life's difficulties and navigate our way through life, assisted or not, to bloom into the most nurtured, loved, and healed version of ourselves.

goddess circle, singing bowls, sound bath, reiki, spiritual workshop, meditation, breath work, community gathering
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