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Bloom Etc. is much deeper than what's on the surface...

It is a marrying of beauty, energy work, and herbalism to create the ultimate form of healing and self care. Where caring for ourselves is much more than a simple task but the blossoming of a life long ritual. A ritual to take place at any time and in any form. The combining of these three aspects allows for self care to disperse itself beyond the treatment room and into your daily life. From beauty services, to reiki & sound healing, to holistic clean beauty and home products, the goal is to invoke a love affair with self for the rest of this physical existence.  We have many relationships in our lives all beautiful and complex, but the one in need of the most nurturing is the relationship we have with ourselves. To experience Bloom is to experience the blooming of oneself and the endless possibilities of your potential. I look forward to assisting you on your journey of self discovery whether it's an esthetics service, an energy healing, or simply lighting a clean candle and taking a few moments to yourself.
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